How long do I need to stay in therapy?

Vivienne’s goal is for you to recover with the minimum amount of sessions feasible for you.  You are given an estimate of the number of sessions that you will require after the initial assessment, along with a treatment plan.

Does the therapist just listen, or do I receive any feedback?

Therapy is interactive: you’re given feedback, space to talk, and education.

How much will this cost?

Individual sessions are 45€ per hour. Click here for group tariffs.

Why am I like this?

There are a variety of models and theories that help explain a range of diagnosis and behavioural issues; Vivienne discusses relevant ones with her clients to help develop insight and self-acceptance.

Do I have to join a group?

No, although it may be an option that is worth considering given the value groups can add to your recovery. Click here further information.

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