It’s normal to be initially cautious about entering a group, however the benefits are worthwhile. Vivienne is trained and experienced in running DBT groups: they are a learning environment that help participants gain useful techniques to manage their emotions, their attention and their relationships. Meeting others who are working to recover from similar difficulties to your own helps to reduce the sense of isolation and “difference” that accompanies these problems. You learn from each other by getting a variety of examples of how you have applied the group materiel to your daily lives.

Groups are confidential, last one-and-a-half hours and have five to ten participants. The first half hour is spent reviewing participants’ homework, which centres around putting the theory learnt in group into practice in-between group sessions. There is a short pause before learning new skills.

DBT groups (for stopping overeating, self-harming or substance use) cover four modules: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

Please note that group availability is dependent on demand.

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