Therapeutic Approach and Biography

Therapeutic approach

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is typically a short-term intervention (8-12 sessions) and is delivered on a one-to-one basis in individual therapy sessions. Emotional change is achieved by helping the client to adapt problematic thoughts and behaviours. It is very helpful for those suffering from anxiety and / or depression.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy works for people who have significant difficulty in managing their emotions AND have developed unhealthy coping strategies, such as eating disorders, self-harming and substance use. This therapy is delivered through a combination of one-to-one individual therapy sessions and group education sessions, where clients learn how to manage emotions, relationships and how to cope safely when in distress. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy can be adapted to be delivered without the group component if necessary: this is referred to as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy informed care. Assist offers both forms of treatmentm via online video sessions or in person when possible.

The following links provide you with information about Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:


As a coordinator of a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy programme, Vivienne Ollivier was responsible for four teams of psychotherapists in a public hospital for five years. The teams included psychologists and social workers. The role of coordinator was both clinical and educational. The mastery of this psychotherapy was essential for this work and resulted in Vivienne being awarded the title of Expert in clinical psychiatric nursing practice.

As a result of these experiences Vivienne had the opportunity apply her expertise at national level in the field of suicide prevention through her work as a clinical counsellor to clinicians from the youth justice system and child protection.

Vivienne participated in designing and establishing a dialectical behavioural therapy programme adapted for populations with less severe behavioural disorders in New Zealand.

Vivienne now runs a clinical practice in the Aude region in the South of France, where she lives with her family. Vivienne also delivers training to mental health clinicians throughout France and internationally.

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